Suddenly, you hear the noises of hundreds of animals all around you. You look around and find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings, but for some reason you cannot remember where you were before. You realize that you are standing in the middle of a very large forest. You can see nothing but trees in all directions.

It is a bright sunny day, but the sunlight is mostly blocked by the thick canopy of towering trees of all species. Little rays of sunlight filter down in odd places, giving the place a surrealistic mood.

Feeling a little scared now, but knowing that you can accomplish nothing by staying in one place, you decide to explore this strange place. You start walking along a natural path that you find, and after a few minutes you come to a small clearing where you can view the perfectly blue sky unobstructed. There seem to be several ways you could go from here.
Go left, toward the sound of running water
Go straight ahead, following a white bird you see
Go right, onto another path
Since October, 2001